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Navara NP300 2021+ Rear bumper brackets now available for order!
Navara NP300 2021+ Rear bumper brackets now available for order!

Injectors repairs

Modern engines have internal sensors and computers that adjust the fuel mixture to compensate for minor clogging in dirty fuel injectors. This can cause the early phases of clogging to go unnoticed.
When the clogging gets too severe for the engine to compensate for, the engine can exhibit the following problems.

  • Engine Misfire – Poor air/fuel mixture in the cylinders can cause an incomplete combustion event. This can result in a cylinder not “firing” correctly which is felt as a vibration in the car.
  • Performance loss – The engine needs sufficient fuel for combustion. If combustion is impeded, engine power suffers
  • Rough idling/engine stalling – Uneven supply of fuel during idling can cause RPM to fall too low and result in stalling
  • Increased Fuel consumption – When fuel combustion efficiency isn’t optimal, you will burn more fuel to achieve the expected levels of performance


Over time, injectors become clogged with fuel residues. This reduces the flow of fuel and leads to poor performance, higher fuel consumption and reduced power.
We can diagnose and repair any fuel injection system, including injector flow testing, ultrasonic cleaning, flushing and fully refurbishing injectors.
A full recondition of injectors starts at $150. This includes injector flow testing, ultrasonic cleaning, further flow testing and leak testing.


We add liquid injector cleaner at each service to keep your fuel system in top condition. This helps prevent blockages and keeps your fuel injectors clean.