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Navara NP300 2021+ Rear bumper brackets now available for order!
Navara NP300 2021+ Rear bumper brackets now available for order!

Vehicle Modification

Packard Automotive is equipped to deliver on all of your modification needs


Superior Engineering Suspension

At Packard Automotive we supply and fit the full range of Superior Engineering suspension components including there wide range of SSM kits. Give us a call to sort out all of your suspension requirements. 





AE-CO Engine Conversions

Packard Automotive is the WA fitment agent for all of AE-CO's engine conversions including there 4JJ1 and Cummins 4.5 conversions. Contact us to get your aging motor upgraded





Custom Suspension Kits

With our in house engineering recourses we are able to supply and fit custom suspension set ups as well as certify them in house. That means we can put together custom GVM upgrade kits where none are available or even perform and certify things as elaborate as coil conversions all in house giving you the confidence that the end product will be legal. 





Custom Engine Conversions

At Packard Automotive we have experience in a wide range of engine conversions, everything from Barra Turbo Patrols to LS powered Torana's, to Cummins powered Patrols and even a Citroen H-Van powered by a Hilux motor and FWD converted WRX transmission. The common element in all of these conversions is out commitment to quality and legalities. With our in house engineering expertise you can be confident that your vehicle will be legal when its finished. 


Custom Component Design

Packard Automotive are not only able to supply and fit a wide range of off the shelf parts. We are able to design and build/modify custom components to your specifications. This is obviously a more expensive option that simply buying something, but if your really need something specific we can help you out. 


Finish Your Build

Got to the point in your build where you don't have the time to go any further, or are getting frustrated by the maze of regulations. We specialise in finish peoples builds and bringing them up to the standard where they can be legally registered on the road