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Navara NP300 2021+ Rear bumper brackets now available for order!
Navara NP300 2021+ Rear bumper brackets now available for order!

Cooling system

Your car cooling system is made up of many parts; the radiator, various hoses, water pump, fan, transmission cooler and thermostat. Its job is to let the engine heat up quickly (most engine wear occurs when the engine is cold) then keep the engine at a constant temperature.
Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of serious engine damage is a neglected cooling system.
Neglect can result in corrosion and eventually head gasket failure, and damage to the heads, oil coolers and radiator. Repairs from such damage can cost thousands of dollars.


If you suspect a problem, bring your car in for a check. We can test the condition of the coolant inside your engine; checking the glycol and corrosion inhibitor levels to see if it still offers adequate protection.
We can pressure test your cooling system and check for the presence of combustion gasses which is an early indicator of a failed head gasket.
Furthermore, we can perform a thermal imaging scan of the cooling system to find blockages and identify weak points.
These are relatively simple tests which can identify minor problems before they develop further.
As a part of a standard service we check the condition of the coolant (glycol and corrosion inhibitor levels) and check for leaks and signs of perishing components such as stiff hoses.