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Navara NP300 2021+ Rear bumper brackets now available for order!
Navara NP300 2021+ Rear bumper brackets now available for order!

Process of engineering

Packard Automotive is one of the select few Perth automotive businesses authorised to perform and assess vehicle modifications.
Proprietor Jack Packard worked as a mechanical engineer in the manufacturing, power generation and automotive industry and is recognised by the Department of Transport as an Engineering Signatory for light vehicle modifications. We are experienced and qualified to preform assessments on all types of light vehicle modifications including.

  • GVM Upgrades

  • Suspension Lifts

  • Engine modifications and Swaps

  • Chassis modifications and Swaps

  • Caravan and trailer ATM upgrades

  • Seating modifications

  • Brake upgrades and modifications

At Packard Automotive we are also capable of performing a wide variety of engineering related services in house, some of which we provide to other Engineering Signatories where they don't have the facilities. These include:

  • Noise Test 

  • 5 Gas Emission Test 

  • Certified Brake Test 

  • Displacement Test

  • Lane Change Testing

  • Chassis beaming and torsion testing

  • 3D scanning and FEA analysis 


How to start the process

If you are planning on modifying your vehicle in any way it is important to check that it is done legally. Illegal modifications, besides being potentially dangerous, are likely to void your insurance in the event of an accident and potentially leave your criminally liable.

In order to perform any modification to a vehicle you will firstly need to apply to the Department of Transport (DOT) for permission. (Click Here)

The DOT will then send you a document called an Approval in Principle.

Once you have this document you can come and see us and we will begin the assessments required for your particular vehicle. Once we are happy your vehicle meets the required standards we submit a report to the department of transport who will then issue you with a modification permit.

The final step is to take your vehicle to an Authorised Inspection Station where it undergoes a roadworthy inspection and your paperwork is finalised. 

If you are planning to modify your vehicle it is worth looking at our FAQ section first, if you are still unsure feel free to give us a call.

Imported Vehicles

If you have imported a vehicle that is more than 25 years old and built after 1969 you are required to have it assessed by an engineer to ensure that it meets the ADR's for the date of manufacture. Packard Automotive regularly performs these inspections and can help you navigate the maze of regulations that you may come up against.