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Navara NP300 2021+ Rear bumper brackets now available for order!
Navara NP300 2021+ Rear bumper brackets now available for order!

New car service

We exceed manufacturers requirements on all our new car warranty checks.
Our team has broad experience across all the major brands. We have long experience servicing the major brands and we understand the unique requirements of each vehicle manufacturer. We check everything as specified in the manufacturer’s guidelines. Your warranty is completely safe with us.
If we find any faults that should be brought to the manufacturer’s attention, we’ll detail them so that it is easy for you to get them sorted before your warranty runs out.


At Packard Automotive we always ensure that when servicing a vehicle under warranty we use genuine parts wherever required. However, in some instances aftermarket components meet or even exceed the manufacturer’s specification.
For example, we use a high quality synthetic oil as standard in our services. It’s a significantly higher grade than the minimum standard required in certain vehicles, but we believe the benefit is worth the cost. Some dealers may also use the higher grades of oil, but most will use the cheapest option available for your vehicle.
When substituting aftermarket components for genuine components we always use brands like Ryco who will guarantee a vehicle warranty in the event of a failure, and of course we guarantee our workmanship.


Unfortunately, manufacturers and dealers have little incentive to disclose faults in a vehicle under warranty. Why? Because they would have to fix the fault at their expense. We’ve heard stories of oil leaks repeatedly cleaned up until after the warranty expires, and many other practices.
We are willing to point out these faults so that you can have them rectified.


Many manufacturers are increasing the service intervals, or simply omitting fluid changes from their list of maintenance items (sealed for life components). They do this to decrease the annual cost of ownership, making the vehicle more attractive to fleet buyers and appealing to the budget conscious consumer. The systems haven’t changed, only the recommendations have. Consumers are led to believe this because it further helps new car sales, and also lets dealership service departments provide cheap initial estimates. After you arrive for your cheap service, you receive a phone call up-selling you every item that should have been pre-sold.